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Cookies and storing information on your device.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, which can be used by websites to effectively enhance user´s experience. We are allowed to store cookies on your device in case those are necessary to run the website. For any other kind of cookies is your consent required. This website uses different kinds of cookies. Some of them are placed because of using services of third parties. Essential cookies help to establish fundamental functions of the website which can not operate without them.

What are the cookies used for on this website?

Cookies can be divided into categories based on their durability and by whom are these placed on the website.

Based on durability:

  • Session cookies – remain on your device until the browser is closed. Than these are erased automatically afterwards.
  • Persistent cookies – remain on your device for a longer time period (depends on your browser settings) or untill these are erased manually.

Based on who places the cookies:

  • First party cookies – being created directly by the website or scripts on the same domain. It is used to maintain essential website functions.
  • Third party cookies – being created by other scripts and usually known as commercial cookies (e.g. social apps or commercial widgets).

Cookies used by our web site:

  • Technical (First party, session cookies) – necessary to maintain essential website functions.
  • Google Analytics (First party, persistent cookies) – anonymous data are being collected in order to enhance user´s experience.

We do not use cookies to identify a website visitor nor using these to collect sensitive or personal data.

Cookies management

All cookies on your device can be manually erased. Most of internet browsers can block the cookies, however in such case you will not be able to use all features of our website. Detailed information about cookies can be found on website of your browser provider. For full information on this topic visit

Using Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, provided by Google, Inc.

Data are being transferred and stored on Google servers in USA. Based on these data company Google evaluates and creates activity reports intended for website administrator and for offering other services related to the website activities and internet usage in general. These data can be provided to third parties in case these would be legally requested by law or if such date are processed by any other third parties for Google.

Google Analytics contains also Google commercial functions:

  • overview in Google commercial chain
  • remarketing (commercial pop ups based on viewed products)
  • demographic data (collecting anonymous demographic data)

More information on data usage can be found in Google privacy & terms on this link.


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