Cargo Insurance

We will provide you the insurance of the goods through our contract insurance company. The insurance rates are fixed according to the value of your consignment, the type of goods, the destination and the type of transport.

Road Transport

The road carrier shall be liable only within the meaning of the provisions of the CMR Convention. The amount of the compensation for damage or loss of the consignment shall be 8,33 XDR per kilogram missing of gross weight.

Domestic Distribution

Liability of road transport liability for damage caused to another carrier arising from transport contracts as a result of an accident occurring during the period of insurance for national road transport. Responsibility is governed by the Law Code.

Sea Freight

The liability of the ocean carrier is strongly limited to other modes of transport, depending on the extent and amount of the refund. According to the Hamburg rules, the carrier is liable for the loss or damage of the consignment up to a maximum of 835 XDR per unit or transport unit or 2,5 XDR per kilogram of gross weight of lost or damaged goods. The injured party will receive compensation depending on which of the two values is higher.


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